Meet the Like-Minded Team

Working together to create quality learning experiences

Cathy Gillespie
Learning Consultant

Cathy has a specific focus on delivering the best for learning projects, whether it is using her skills in project management, or her expertise in effective learning design. She has been a key contributor in developing robust and well‐documented development processes for a number of organisations. She has taught and mentored other people in applying these process to ensure a streamlined approach that provides the best value for money. She has applied strong instructional design standards across a range of projects and has had a specific interest in defining and applying what quality means to the client. Her experience in the classroom, and out in the field, informs her approach to developing material, and she recognises audience analysis as a critical step in producing a solution that is engaging and has longevity.

Hamish Paton
Technical Consultant

Hamish has over 10 years’ experience as a Developer / Systems Analyst with a particular focus on business software, and systems that support learning. His experience in both the commercial and academic environment has required Hamish to work alongside a diverse client and user base, as well as designers and programmers, to identify requirements, provide cost analysis, and develop implementation plans and timelines. Hamish has an in‐depth understanding of project lifecycle, including all phases of system and software development. He has a proven track record in testing, quality assurance and usability.

Tom Gillespie
Learning Technologist

Tom completed his study 2014 and started working for Like‐Minded as a learning developer. Being quick with technology and supported by our technology consultant, he applied himself to learning to master the latest authoring tools and applications, and he is currently operating as our Learning Technologist. He acts as a mentor to others and works directly with clients, building excellent rapport and applying his strong problem solving skills. He has a full administrative knowledge of Moodle and Articulate Storyline, and is currently mastering Adapt. Over the last year he has also become familiar with Kontra, Camtasia and Dreamweaver. He is a valuable member of the team. Give him a creative, interactive problem – he solves it!

Stephanie Cassels
Learning Management Advisor 

Stephanie is the newest addition to our team, bringing over 10 years’ experience in learning and development. She is passionate about understanding how learners think, using this knowledge to make the learning she creates effective, so that it can be applied. She loves being in a collaborative environment, sharing her skills and watching others adopt new positive behaviours. She is experienced in preparing and delivering learning material for large organisations on business-critical projects, which gives her a solid understanding of the challenges that businesses face day-to-day. A quick thinker, Stephanie enjoys finding solutions that move an organisation forward. She uses her skills in scoping, implementing and working with learning management systems to support clients to achieve their business goals.


We also like working with other people and organisations who feel the same way about producing quality learning experiences as we do. When specialist skills are required that fall outside our range, or there is simply too much to do to keep a good work-life balance, we actively look to collaborate with others to make sure that our clients get the best person for the task at hand.

We’re Like-Minded Learning and perhaps a little different than people you’ve worked with before…