Want to grow your own learning capabilities?

Every journey begins with the first step. If you are new to building your own learning and development solutions, or if you are wanting to revise your delivery strategy, you probably don’ t have all the know-how right now. You don’ t know if you should take the DIY approach, or bring in a specialist. You may not have a full team behind you yet, and you don’t have a tried and tested process for getting your ideas out of your head and make them reality.

At Like-Minded,  we work alongside you and help to build your own in-house capability and confidence. This allows you to take full ownership of the project and you can respond quickly to new and changing needs for learning, in your organisation. Above all – it costs the business less and removes the dependency on external contractors.

We work closely with you, as part of your team, and train you and your staff so that you understand what knowledge, skills and attitude you need to be able to build your own learning experiences. What greater reward than seeing the staff grow in skills and the confidence to lead their own strategy.


Get in touch with us to discuss the direction you want your skills and capability to take.