Mentoring Matters

... a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

People are the most valuable resource we have, and quality mentoring greatly enhances a person’s chances of success. If you are extending your skills in your current role, you are on the hunt for your first job, or maybe you are launching a new career, what better than to have someone by your side during the journey?  We believe in creating opportunities where you can work alongside someone who brings a wealth of experience, that can help you define a clear pathway, and can steer you away from some of the known pitfalls. Working collaboratively, we can become more effective faster!

We have a number of ways in which we can help others and share the value gained from our own experiences.

Can we help you?

Are you wondering how to break into the learning and development industry?

Getting started or branching out into new territory can be daunting and difficult. Why go it alone? New graduate or recently retrained? How do you get a foot in the door? Like-Minded believes in providing opportunities to give you that ‘leg-up’ you need – our Springboard Programme. We do this by including people who are newly-trained (or re-trained) in our day-to-day activities, so that they can demonstrate real experience with real companies when it comes to applying for their next job. Perhaps you have an internship paper to complete within the educational learning and technology field. Or maybe you’ve re-trained but need more experience in order to prove your value to prospective employers.

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Can you help us?

Are you part of an organisation wanting to give something back to learning and development?

Do you have entry-level work within the educational learning and technology field that needs doing, but have limited resources? If you’re prepared to work with Like-Minded to develop some ideas and help someone else get onto that first rung of the ladder, please get in touch. We provide the mentoring; you provide the project and funding.

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Can we help each other?

Are you wanting to grow your own in-house learning development capability?

When your organisation engages with Like-Minded, we work alongside you, looking for opportunities to build your in-house learning development skills. Being able to manage and direct the learning solutions we have helped you to implement, brings cost benefits and efficiency to your organisation.

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A great mentor will be a friend and can help you navigate more than the work environment, they can help you navigate your world .…