Shaping learning

Learning that meets your goals

At Like-Minded Learning, we help you to take your learning initiatives from wherever they might be currently to wherever you need to go. We assist you in meeting your organisation’s learning goals by supporting and working collaboratively alongside you. We provide guidance from our many years’ experience to put in place a structure and plan to make it all happen.

Like-Minded works with you to:

  • guide you into new areas of learning delivery
  • provide the systems and processes to engage with your target audience
  • develop learning experiences tailored to fit with your business direction
  • facilitate knowledge sharing to encourage growth and development
  • manage the journey from start to finish and support you beyond…

No matter your budget, we make sure that your money goes a long way in terms of both time spent and tools utilised. We’re adamant that you get the best value for money from your learning initiatives.

Like-Minded Services

Depending on your specific needs and resources, Like-Minded Learning can:

  • help you to get started with a learning programme
  • help you to evolve an existing learning programme
  • consult on learning infrastructure and technologies
  • share our experience and knowledge
  • provide educational-focused websites and community portals
  • build systems and processes that support learning
  • provide training in different aspects of learning development
  • help you to target a broader learning audience
  • help you to build online relationships
  • provide instructional/educational design services – designing programmes of learning and presenting knowledge in
  • effective, educationally sound ways
  • provide content authoring services
  • provide storyboarding services – presenting and describing, using text and visual elements, your interactive learning
  • experience before it is built and potentially more difficult to roll-out changes.

Get in touch with us to discuss where your organisation is wanting to go.