The way we work is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Our brand choice tells our story.

Our imagery represents the concept of a large pool of similar people, those with a similar vision and values – the ‘like-minded’ people – come together. We recognise that there might be different paths to achieving the same desired outcome, but bringing like-minds together can achieve a better outcome. With an understanding of the richness that variety can bring, it may mean considering a fresh new approach or view on a solution.

You’ll also see that the cogs in our Like-Minded logo are connected and represent our minds working together. A smooth transaction, not touching, or pushing against each other. Both needed; both playing their part for the desired outcome.

Our philosophy and values

We’re a small team of genuine people; professionals who love nothing more than working with organisations that want to create quality experiences for their learners. We’re adamant about providing the best value for money to all our clients.

Here at Like-Minded, we care about people – our own and yours – and take a truly collaborative approach with everyone we work with. We come alongside and work with you as you create learning that doesn’t just pay lip-service, but truly brings about behavioural change. We offer advice, tools and practical help to get the very best out of the resources you have, to create the best learning experience possible. And we love what we do!

We’re Like-Minded Learning and perhaps a little different than people you’ve worked with before…

Meet the team

The staff here at Like-Minded bring a range of skills across both technical and educational services. We keep ourselves up to date with the ever changing environment we work in, and pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service to our clients. People are our greatest assets – we work together to support each other and help each other grow.

Meet the team …


We also work with other individuals and organisations who feel the same way about producing quality learning experiences as we do. When specialist skills are required that fall outside our range, or there is simply too much to do to keep a good work-life balance, we actively look to collaborate with others to make sure that our clients get the best person for the task at hand.