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Male Survivors Aotearoa

Real people’s experiences help others navigate difficult jobs.

Male Survivors Aotearoa provide support for the male survivors of sexual abuse through a network of peer support workers. It’s a challenging and rewarding field, with complex relationships between peer workers and the people they support. 

We worked with the team to create a course for the peer workers, based on testimonial evidence, explaining why peer supervision works and how to use this resource.

This is the first of a suite of modules delivered through Talent LMS to help the organisation better support the peer workers and the people they serve.

Real people, real experiences

The strength of Male Survivors Aotearoa is in the people. The organisation has a breadth of human experience and learning to draw on, and any online course should make use of that knowledge. 

The peer supervision course incorporates a lot of testimonials, and people sharing their own experiences through audio, video and written word. This type of content exposes people to different and more engaging ways of learning, and creates a closer connection with the information source.

Creating content

High-quality video makes a big difference to the professional feel of a course, and Male Survivors Aotearoa needed to create excellent material in a cost-effective way. 

We introduced them to Dark Matter, a video studio based in Christchurch where we helped them learn how to shoot head-and-shoulders videos efficiently. The edited the videos included splash screens, and the results look fantastic – but more importantly, they tell the story in an engaging and easily digestible way.

Passing the test

Articulate Rise and Articulate Storyline came to the front again, and the quiz functionality was included to checks that the learners are understanding the content of each topic before moving on to the next topic. 

The questions and answers themselves are designed to be engaging, with different types of questions including multichoice and drag-and-drop but most importantly, they were there to test the application of the knowledge, not just rote learning.

Supporting the supporters

Peer work for such a challenging topic is a difficult job, and to stay safe as you do it well, you need to be well supported. It warms our our hearts to be asked to use our work to benefit the community we live in. Working with an organisation that does so much good in the community with mental health and under-represented people aligns with our purpose and our B Corp mindset. 

We are proud to have worked with Male Survivors Aotearoa on this learning opportunity and look forward to developing more modules with them.

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