Off-the-shelf learning

We build popular core content that you can use as is, or you can personalise it

Many organisations need the same common content, for example, health and wellbeing, digital security, health and safety. We are developing core content that you can take and plug into your learning delivery platform and learners can get started straight away. Alternatively, you can tell your story around these key areas, using your organisations brand colours and style, with relevant personalised activities.

Get learners active faster

The time required to create highly effective content can be perceived as daunting and cost-prohibitive. You may have built your learning management system, but how can you reach that critical number of courses for go-live to excite your learners with choice and volume?

Our short generic modules may be the answer to getting content out to your learners quickly. It’s our take on learning material that most organisations need and that doesn’t change significantly between different sectors.

Save on development costs

Purchase access to our short off-the-shelf courses and deploy them through our system or yours. Upload the courses into your system as they are – off-the shelf – ready for your learners to get started without delay.

Make the content your own

Not keen on a generic approach? Then work with us to make some changes. Let us put your own branding and colours into the system. Swap out the images for ones that ring true for your learners in their own context. Change up the activities to apply the learning to make sense in their workplace.

Core products that can save you time and money

Although we are still developing some of these courses, get in touch if these topics interest you. Contact us to talk through other courses that you think would be useful – we are happy to grow our list of offerings in line with your business needs.

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