Taking your learning online

Online delivery can be an effective way of achieving organisational training goals and providing flexible, cost-effective learning.

The most effective online learning is user-centred and real-world focused. It challenges learners to explore concepts, build on existing knowledge, and test out new skills in a safe environment.

Understand what works for you

Many organisations have established training packages that have been meeting the needs to date. However, audience expectations and technologies change, and budgets ebb and flow. Learning and development teams are always looking for innovative ways to get messages out there without compromising on quality.  Online learning is often a viable option.

Find the right mix

Like-Minded has the experience and expertise to help you understand how and when online learning can add value to your business. We outline  what makes your online learning work, and help you through the choices you need to make, to provide the perfect balance of face-to-face and online delivery options.

We’ll guide you through

When you’re ready to move some, or all of your work online, we offer our skills in instructional design, eLearning build, graphics and learning management expertise to support the transition, whether that’s us creating the learning for you, or building your team’s capability so you can do it yourself.

And we’ll make it easy

We know online learning development through and through, and work with our proven project management processes to make sure workflows move smoothly and targets are met.

How can we help?

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