Why Like-Minded?

Engage your people and enhance your business performance

Like-Minded creates learning solutions that enhance business performance and support a healthy workplace. Our work goes beyond common-place compliance and induction modules. We transform workplace learning into engaging opportunities with a focus on behavioural change. We bring greater depth to this process by incorporating diverse thinking and actions into the bigger picture – this helps organisations and their people understand why change is needed.

People-focused – Techwise – Process driven

Drawing from an educational background, we understand people and how best to help them. Like-Minded craft meaningful learning experiences to better align people’s sense of purpose within the whole process.

Like-Minded offers a balance of creative and technical expertise. We are constantly evolving our industry knowledge and tech-tool-set. We’ll ensure you have the right tools for each step in your learning development. We implement centralised learning technologies, including a range of learning management systems (LMS) that manage information, data, technology, and integrate with your business intelligence.

We work in a collaborative and process-driven way. Working with you, and alongside you throughout, means we stay engaged. Our learning strategy ensures we stay focused on your people, why change is needed, and your big-picture goals. Technology should never lead the solution – your business needs do.

Results-focused, quality learning solutions

As specialists in face-to-face, online, and blended learning we don’t have a single go-to solution. We craft fit-for-purpose solutions based on sound educational principles. We help you find the right mix of delivery styles to best meet your learning needs in an ever-changing environment.

For us, quality means seeing that our work makes a measured difference. We are passionate about supporting behavioural change to create an engaged and positive workplace, which in turn, enhances business performance. As your results partner, we measure, evaluate, and show how your business goals are being reached.

Experience-based advise

Cathy and Hamish have over 35 years of combined industry experience and have successfully worked with clients in a wide range of sectors. We use this to offer advice, tools, and practical help to get the very best out of the resources you have, to create the best learning experience possible.

Integrity and customer service

We’re adamant about providing the best value for money to all our clients. We’ll never over-engineer a solution that you don’t really need. We do what we say we will do and our customer feedback proves our promise – delivering projects on-time and on-budget is a cornerstone of how we work.

We care for people

Like-minds working together in a harmonious workplace achieve better outcomes. Our Like-Minded philosophy speaks to the nature of how we care for people. We value a healthy workplace culture – enjoy making a difference, be supported to grow professionally, and maintain a healthy personal balance. From the top-down, we have created our workplace of choice and greatly enjoy sharing this with our staff. We take pride in seeing how this supports our team’s performance and leads to greater benefits for our clients.

How can we help?

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