Making compliance training count

Efficiently and effectively attain and sustain your compliance standards

Many organisations run through their compliance requirements as quickly as possible with minimal effort. We understand the need to get on with the job at hand—but we also believe in doing it once and doing it right! 

At Like-Minded, we help our clients realise learning opportunities beyond simply ticking the box. We’ll help you shape compliance training into learning programmes with greater depth and practical application so you can achieve and retain your safety, legal and performance standards efficiently and effectively, and support your organisation’s success and growth.

Learning opportunities beyond the tick

Traditional compliance training often misses an opportunity for positive behavioural change.  We see compliance as an opportunity to influence how your people work and behave, supporting safety and improving on-the-job performance. 

Simply ticking the box can result in people forgetting their learning the next day if the depth of understanding is not there. We create real-world focused training with relevant day-to-day tasks that enable learners to apply and retain more.

Improve safety and business performance with quality learning retention

We design impact learning experiences using scenario triggers to help people see themselves in the learning they have just experienced. These parallels create ‘a-ha’ moments with the learners and that translates directly into improved safety and enhanced business performance. 

We’ll utilise the best delivery styles at each stage of your learning—guiding you on when to use face-to-face, online or a blend of delivery methods to meet your challenges and achieve your goals.

Our approach where concepts are introduced, developed and applied increases knowledge retention.  We craft learning programmes with seamless links between each stage to encourage greater retention and foster collaborative learning—for example, using online learning to set the scene and introduce fundamental knowledge enables better use of time spent working face-to-face to focus on the more practical or people-oriented elements of the learning.

Build confidence in your people with smart-testing

Our smart-testing approach will ensure that your safety and performance standards are achieved in real-world terms. The outcome is a greater level of confidence in your people, knowing that even under pressure, they can apply their learning on the job when it matters most.

To support your ongoing success and growth, we can set expiration dates, so everyone knows when to refresh their training to help sustain the highest standards.

Track completion and prove compliance on demand

As learning technology experts, we naturally take a measured approach to everything we do. All organisations need to track and follow what learning has been achieved, and produce reporting for internal management or external authorities. 

We’ll ensure your compliance and learning programmes are backed by data systems that prove compliance on demand. Your data will be easy to access, visually rich and in-depth to highlight any learning gaps.

Working alongside you every step of the way to offer end-to-end learning solutions

To meet your specific needs and resources, Like-Minded Learning can:

provide content and instructional design

support quality user interface, visual and learning design

get you started with a learning programme

guide you as you evolve an existing learning programme

consult with you on learning infrastructure and technologies (LMS)

collaborate and share our experience and knowledge

provide educational-focused websites and community portals

build systems and processes that support learning

provide learning and development  capability training

help you to target a broader learning audience

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