Content and instructional design

The heart of successful learning

Quality learning is an experience that brings about meaningful behaviour change. It’s not about cramming learners’ heads full of facts. Instructional design is the driver of that experience and it’s central to the expertise we offer at Like-Minded.

Internationally recognised standards tailored for your world

Our instructional designers have decades of experience developing face-to-face and online resources for adult learners. We use internationally recognised models applied in an organisational context and adapted to your workplace priorities and learner styles. We create content that speaks directly to your audience.

From complexity to clarity

We turn complicated technical information into simple language that speaks to the learner, not the expert. Working from your existing resources, rough notes or just a ‘brain dump’, we break concepts and processes into logical, manageable chunks that guide learners, step by step, towards the desired outcome. And we make the learning easy to use, building learner confidence to help them succeed.

Learn by doing

Like-Minded instructional design is about more than words. We include graphics, narration, animation, interactivity and gamification to explore ideas from different perspectives and to get the message across in a varied and engaging way. This multi-layered approach encourages learners to build on their existing skills, and to apply new knowledge in scenario challenges based on real-world situations.

Manage and monitor

Good instructional design includes knowledge checks and assessments, whether this is for compliance and reporting, or as a confidence builder for the learner themselves, we apply the same robust process to develop purposeful activities, not just a ‘tick box’. We are experienced in developing for the external requirements of a variety of frameworks including NZQA and workplace competency compliance.

Build your instructional design skills

If you want to build your own skills as an instructional designer, we offer a modular programme of one-on-one or small group training covering topics like storyboarding for eLearning, understanding interactivity, and writing effective assessments. You can choose the topics that are most important to you, and you will work on a real project of your own as part of the training so you acquire new skills and produce your own learning resource at the same time.

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