Measuring impact and performance

Being metric-focused keeps us results-focused.

At like-Minded, we bring a measured approach to everything we do. Achieving meaningful and lasting behavioural change happens through measured learning experiences designed to support clearly defined outcomes. Upfront thinking about what needs to be measured and why will ensure we have visibility over progress towards achieving your goals.

We create data-rich learning systems

Knowing how long it takes and when compliance, attitude shift, or specific learning has been achieved is vital to your success. We design automated learning platforms that empower our clients with detailed and pragmatic data to measure their learning campaigns’ effectiveness. 

Embedded feedback loops monitor and evaluate how your people have perceived their experience. Has enough information been given?—has the content been delivered in the correct order?—are there enough incentives to revisit the training? Learning metrics linked to your business intelligence tell us when your learning campaign has done its job. 

Any remaining learning and performance gaps are highlighted based on the specific actions and tasks we measure. These gaps guide further evolvement of systems, processes and the overall experience until we reach your learning goals. And, we’ll be around post-deployment to provide ongoing support as your people, and your organisation grows.

Efficiency and performance gains through learning automation

Ever had the feeling there must be more efficient and effective ways to manage and deliver your learning and information? Are you applying resources where they are needed most? These can be hard questions to answer without the right data intelligence.

Certain types of learning will always need to be delivered face-to-face, while others can enhance efficiency and performance quality using automation. Moving from traditional learning styles to automated learning and information portals will enable better resources management and provide insights into key performance indicators:

Resource management

Develop more efficient use of resources

Enjoy better time management

Expand your awareness around the critical needs of your people

Gain insights into which resources to automate online

Connect all learning data to your broader organisational data intelligence

Working alongside you every step of the way to offer end-to-end learning solutions

To meet your specific needs and resources, Like-Minded Learning can:

provide content and instructional design

support quality user interface, visual and learning design

get you started with a learning programme

guide you as you evolve an existing learning programme

consult with you on learning infrastructure and technologies (LMS)

collaborate and share our experience and knowledge

build systems and processes that support learning

provide content and instructional design

build systems and processes that support learning

provide learning and development capability training

help you to target a broader learning audience

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