A new delivery model for the water industry


A new delivery model for the water industry

Infrastructure Training

Connexis is the training organisation for New Zealand’s infrastructure industries. 

They needed to redesign their model for delivering Water and Wastewater Treatment qualifications into an online programme. They knew where they wanted to get to, and they had the subject matter experts on hand. Connexis already had a sound relationship with Lutra who are experts in water and wastewater operations.  

Educationally sound process

What Connexis needed from Like-Minded was support to set up an educationally sound process for getting the job done. We adapted our generic content development process to meet the specific needs of the project. A SharePoint site was created to organise the information and give visibility over the different stages of the project. The process together with SharePoint, streamlined the project management, and enabled tasks to be assigned and tracked. Supporting Lutra to maintain consistency and design their content to the highest standard, we were heavily involved in designing and delivering the quality assurance aspect of the modules to make sure it met NZQA criteria.   

Increase the number of qualified workers

Connexis ended up with a new programme in their learning management system (Talent LMS) that delivered the 30+ NZQA courses online. The content included knowledge checks and work tasks to be tracked and marked online.  This saved Connexis time, money and headaches, and helped them to provide easy access to the courses for an industry sector that is crying out for qualified workers.  

At Like-Minded we believe in continual learning ​

This was our first real exposure to putting content onto Talent as a learning management system. It did the job and was easy to use. It’s a little more limiting than some other market offerings but for many clients, this system can definitely meet their need in a cost-effective way.  

“Like-Minded were a huge help with the development of our first eLearning project. They provided excellent service, gave helpful advice and guidance, and produced excellent quality, fit-for-purpose materials.

Mike Grumball, Learning and Development Manager