Creating a love affair with cacao and chocolate!

The Cacao Ambassador

Creating a love affair with cacao and chocolate!

A new spin on an ancient product 

Oonagh Browne, ex-chocolatier of She Universe is now fully behind a very different project. Now working as The Cacao Ambassador, her mission is to ‘share the power, wisdom and heart of cacao’. To be able to share this with a global audience, the answer was to take her message online, so Like-Minded partnered with her to design an online experience that gives a voice to this ancient medicine in a modern context. 

With the Cacao Ambassador as yet unfunded for online work, we devised a way to develop the content as a partnership. Like-Minded took a calculated risk on the potential sales figures and we traded our skills for a portion of the income, instead of our usual ‘paid services’.  

Telling the story through strong images

With a new website in 2021, the team used the new brand, with its rich and vibrant imagery, to push Articulate Rise 360 to its limits and designed a stunning template to house the content. 

Adding subtle movement and images of real people, lifted the content and reflected the joy that is behind the message of cacao for health and wellbeing, while supporting local farming and ethical trade with the Solomon Islands.

Connecting through the camera

Combining the power of video with Oonagh’s natural talent in front of the camera gave us a way for the audience to connect and transfer her own passion and love of chocolate. 

The videos were interspersed throughout engaging modules to help the audience almost feel like they were present in the same room as the intoxicating aroma of the roasting cacao beans and warm molten chocolate.


Online offerings create a whole new market

So many initiatives or businesses that are born out of the passion of one person, fail to grow because of the physical dependence on the entrepreneur or innovator. It becomes a drain on that person’s time and growth is constrained by their availability. By going online, the messages around healthy cacao and chocolate are shared with many more people through her international audience, at the same time as freeing herself up to give her time for more creativity, and time to develop more course and products … or maybe just a bit more time for her to breathe!

New ways of working

This project represented a new type of client relationship for us. We’ve had a personal connection with Oonagh for several years and talked of an exciting idea that ‘had legs’ but had limited funding. Together, we took a leap of faith to create a course with no upfront money and a plan to share the resulting income from the sales. Time will tell how this model works for us, but we are optimistic and are already talking of the next courses.

“The future belongs to the risk-takers, not the comfort-seekers.” 

Brian Tracy

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