Smarter working through a new Totara LMS

Creative Abilities

Smarter working through a new Totara LMS

Creative Abilities manage a dedicated team of care coaches who work alongside people with physical and/or intellectual impairments. The organisation has grown over the last 25 years and, with the education industry also going through significant change, Creative Abilities recognised the need for a fresh approach. 

After exploring available options, they felt the time had come to implement a full learning management system (LMS) to replace their existing manual processes. They decided Totara Learn LMS was the feature-rich, accessible tool for the job, and Like-Minded worked with their team to build, brand, and configure their new system. 

Helping Creative Abilities to help themselves

Any good solution grows with the business and is owned by the business. To make sure Creative Abilities was as self-sufficient as possible, Like-Minded ensured that, alongside the technical work on implementing the new LMS, staff were trained to work with the key features Totara offers. For example, we got them up to speed on assigning role-based training needs, deploying the training content, managing and communicating the bird’s eye view on training requirements across the team, and viewing detailed training progress for individuals.  

Creative Abilities continue to be supported, using Like-Minded’s experience and know-how, alongside their engagement in the strong online Totara support community.  

Maximising time-saving automation

New technology helped them save time by automating some of the manual processes they were previously tied to. This also makes life easier, as there is one tool handling most processes.  

Examples include training requirements now being connected to roles, the ability to assign training courses to coaches, and reports designed to easily explore completion dates and meet compliance requirements. This not only keeps administration to a minimum but also allows staff to spend more time in the strategic space, designing and scheduling new training sessions and ensuring the right audience is exposed to new material at the right time. Fewer clicks, more achieved in a given timeframe!  

Everyone is a winner!

Thanks to Totara, Creative Abilities are finding it easier to manage their training resources and learning content. They can build a course, pick an audience for it, manage completion, and assign certificates—all in one place! 

The system has significantly reduced the creation of multiple versions of courses and the double handling for learning administrators.  

Learning designers are now using activity templates created as part of the initial visual and user experience design. They are excited to access authoring tools such as H5P so they can offer highly engaging learning experiences.  

Managers have greater visibility over what their staff need to achieve and when. They can better support the coaches to reach the organisation’s high standard of care in a timely way. 

Working from the heart

Creative Abilities are committed to doing their mahi ‘with heart’, and it warms our own hearts to work with an organisation that lives by similar values to Like-Minded. Like-Minded ‘put people at the heart of what we do.’ Having a shared vision for community and connection is at the core of our successful partnership.

We’re committed to ‘doing what is right’ for our people, doing whatever is needed, and doing it with heart.

Vision Statement of Creative Abilities

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