Making sustainability part of everyday work

Working together towards a brighter future

Ravensdown is serious about sustainability and needed to communicate to its diverse and distributed workforce what that means for the company, where their key goals lie, and how they are measuring progress. 

They also needed to help their team understand how to make sustainability part of their everyday work and wanted each team member to commit to a personal sustainability goal, at work or at home.

Successfully achieving the vision relies on everyone playing their part

Like-Minded’s solution was interactive eLearning that uses real Ravensdown data and staff feedback to help learners understand why sustainability is important to Ravensdown and how each person’s contribution makes a real difference.

Explainer animations explore concepts in more depth, and scenarios based on authentic workplace activities demonstrate that sustainable thinking can be an easy part of everyday work.

Keeping on track

Our collaborative approach was wrapped around with Like-Minded’s proven project management tools to ensure that Ravensdown knew when their input was required, that we kept on track with time, cost and quality.

Committing to making a difference

An added value to the interactive module, was an online way to record each learner’s personal sustainability commitment. 

They were able to refer to this after the course to keep sustainability front of mind, and a copy went to the Sustainability Manager to support transparency and see how individuals we contributing to company goals.

Partnering with the team at Like-Minded to develop our suite of modules has been an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Proactive and responsive, the team have taken the time to understand our business before providing us with invaluable advice and incredible service, delivering well-structured and interactive solutions that maximise our budget. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Like Minded as we continue to grow our library of learning content for our team.

Clair Williamson, Learning and Development Manager, Ravensdown

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