AI thinking
Tomie Sato

Avoiding AI Cheating: Rethinking Assessment in Education

In an era where artificial intelligence intersects with education, maintaining integrity in assessments is paramount. Discover how educators are navigating this dynamic landscape, implementing strategies to prevent AI cheating and ensure fairness. By embracing ethical AI practices, we’re reshaping the future of education, fostering authentic learning experiences for all learners.

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Cathy Gillespie

Are you making the most of Articulate 360 Rise ready-made content?

Articulate 360 Rise is a popular tool for creating eLearning courses. It is easy to use and can help you create high-quality courses quickly. But did you know that one of the best features of Rise is its ready-made content. This content includes templates, modules, and assets that you can use to create your own courses.

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James Vanner

Configuring and using the Totara LMS Recycle Bin

Deleting courses or parts of courses can be nerve-wracking and sometimes we delete the wrong thing by mistake. However, if you understand and configure your Totara LMS Recycle Bin, it gives you a safety net to avoid permanently losing your deleted items.

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360 camera held by hand
Hamish Paton

Storyline Product Release: 360° images

Any new features built into our online authoring tools pique our interest and keep us fresh with the design and delivery of learning activities. Articulate Storyline’s new 360 image feature is no different and had to be investigated.

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LM Webmaster

Things L&D should steal from marketing

We’ve been inspired lately by some of the articles and videos that compare learning with marketing, suggesting that in the learning and development industry (L&D), we would do well to incorporate some of the core marketing concepts into our learning projects.

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Cathy Gillespie

How to launch a blended learning program on your LMS

As we know, different people learn differently. Some people thrive in collaborative environments where they work with their peers to solve challenges, while others prefer to explore a topic independently online. No matter how someone prefers to learn, it’s a good idea to provide content in a range of formats for different purposes.

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Tom Gillespie

Storyline vs Rise vs Both

Tips for weaving together Articulate Storyline and Rise Articulate boasts one of the most popular authoring tools on the market today, and here at Like-Minded

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