Like-Minded are always available to offer a helping hand when it comes to your Totara LMS, but being your Totara partner means constantly looking for ways to help you take control of your own product and expand your own knowledge of the system. Thankfully, Totara provides a wealth of online resources which will help you become an LMS expert in no time!

To help you on that journey, we want to share with you a brief overview of Totara’s three main online resources – Totara Community, Totara Academy, and Totara Help.

1:  Totara Community

The Totara Community is Totara’s own public learning management site. It’s a customised version of the Totara platform, making it easy to navigate for those who are using or have used Totara LMS before. Anyone can sign up and join the community to benefit from the chat and shared knowledge.

Weekly microlearning

Sign up for bite-size learning on a regular basis. Register from the Totara Community homepage and have useful resources deliver weekly to your inbox.

2:  Totara Help

Totara Help is a knowledge base, containing comprehensive documentation on all aspects of the platform. If you have a particular question in mind, searching Totara Help will quickly provide you with the info you need. The articles range from high-level explanations such as, ‘What is a category?’, through to detailed step-by-step instructions such as ‘Assign roles within a category’.

Totara Tip of the Day

Each day a new handy tip is shown on the Totara Community dashboard. You can also browse all the historic tips to make sure you’ve not missed any gems.

3:  Totara Academy

The Totara Academy is Totara’s own catalogue of learning resources for you to learn in a more structured way, as well as show your achievements through online badges. There are courses and programs covering every aspect of the Totara platform.

If you are a site administrator or a ‘wanna be’ site administrator, the comprehensive program is an excellent place to start. You’ll be surprised at how much there is to learn—even for experienced Totara users! The programs reflect the three main Totara products – Learn, Perform, and Engage. You can either take each of these programs separately based on your needs, or you can take the Totara Talent Experience Platform program which combines all three.

If you aren’t a site administrator, you don’t miss out—there are plenty of other courses and programs aimed at course creators, HR specialists and managers.


By signing up to Totara Community, you can access a huge library of past webinars covering a wide range of topics, as well as being notified about upcoming webinars. Webinars are not just about the Totara platform, but cover broader topics such as HR, management and learning design..

Check out the webinars on demand as this might be the way for you to find out more.


The Totara Community is also a place to collaborate and share your knowledge. The forums open the door to thousands of other Totara users. It’s a place to ask questions, share ideas or provide feedback and suggestions. As with most forums, you can subscribe to get updates and new posts emailed to you.

So, what next?

If you’ve not tried any of these resources yet but you want to be more in control of your Totara, then we suggest you set aside a few short blocks of time to explore.

We are always glad to help, but how much better
it is if you can help yourself! 

Don’t forget that Like-Minded are always on hand if you need someone to steer you in the right direction or support you with some of the more complex learning administration tasks.
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