Easy admin and beautiful learning

Pegasus Health

Easy admin and beautiful learning

Pegasus Health is a primary health organisation that supports most GP practices in Canterbury. A few years ago, Like-Minded developed a Totara-based learning management system (LMS) for them, but it’s this ’phase two’ upgrade that really shows off the extent of what Totara can do. We gave the system a visual overhaul and a brand refresh, and also streamlined the user experience for administrators working on the back end, and for learners coming in through the front door.

Getting off the starting blocks

When Pegasus Health first began their learning management journey the priority was to create a functional online learning site, and keep it within the budget. The result was a bare-bones but high-quality LMS that health professionals use to improve their knowledge and keep up to date. Totara came to the forefront once again, meeting pretty much every requirement with little customisation at this stage in the Pegasus journey.

Te Rau Ako | A brand refresh

The LMS has been re-branded as Te Rau Ako, and with the new name came an opportunity to upgrade the site and create a better experience for everyone who uses it. This ’phase two’ brought Pegasus’ new branding throughout the learning experience, adding images, visual elements and other engaging materials to provide a sleek and seamless learning experience that is more enjoyable for the user.

Helping you to help yourselves!

Fundamentally, Like-Minded is an educator. It lights our fire to be able to teach others how to manage their own technology and content, and we believe in capability training for self-reliance. In this project, we developed course templates and gave the Pegasus Health team ideas on how to use images to improve engagement. They took our ideas and ran with them, and are now developing their own imagery as the system has evolved.

Easy for the administrator, easy for the learner

This rebrand was an opportunity to revisit processes to save time, effort and money on the learning administration tasks. As a large organisation, there is a wide variety of individuals and a range of different education programmes. Manually loading details for online Teams meetings and training sessions has become a thing of the past, as have other more labour-intensive tasks. With clever integration of MS Teams functionality, most of this work is now automated, and meeting links are now streamlined to make for a better user experience.

Pushing Totara to the limit

Totara is a powerful LMS, and we love it’s flexibility. This project let us push that flexibility and functionality hard to get some really clever new results out of it. For example, we were able to integrate an SMS alert system into Totara, allowing Pegasus Health to communicate with users via text message without having to leave the LMS.

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