2020 has been tough – especially for NZ’s many small business owners. It’s a year where many organisations have had to change the way they do business to survive. If you’re busier than ever – that’s great. But for a lot of businesses, this hasn’t been the case and they haven’t made it to the finish line. Others are hanging in there knowing that they need to reinvent themselves in order to survive 2021.

Planning your 2021 strategy now is the key to survival!

If you need to make changes, you’ll be thinking about how to your business can both survive and better still, thrive in the coming year. It means building a business strategy that takes into account the impact of the pandemic and the subsequent growth of both remote working and online learning.

So, what does your 2021 Learning Strategy look like? If looking ahead seems a bit overwhelming at the moment, don’t be deterred. Take a breath, and reflect on these following questions:

  1. Where do I want my business to be by the end of next year?

    Think about your business structure: where is the money coming from, who do you have on the team and what do they bring, what is the customer experience you want to develop, and what is your role in this planning?

  2. Do we have the tools and resources to achieve this vision?
    What are the strengths and weaknesses in my team, and do we have the skills required, or are there some clear skills gaps? How do we fill those gaps to deliver the right standard of service or product for our customers – is it time, money or resources that will make the difference?
  3. Who will hold me accountable for meeting my goals?

    We just can’t do it alone – it’s a team effort. Who is championing the strategy with you and how do you get them to take personal ownership to see your learning strategy deliver for 2021?

Using strong leadership and the learning from our 2020 experiences means that you can make informed decisions for the next strategic year.

To ensure success, include the team in in the process of developing the strategy. It will give you a richer picture of what is really happening at ground level. It will also help the team to engage with the strategy and feel like they have real ‘skin in the game’.

So, whatever it is you’re aiming for in 2021, start laying the groundwork now.

Remember that if you are struggling with any of these questions, talk to us, it’s what we do every day. We can save you time and heartache getting a clear picture of your learning goals and plan a pathway for achieving them for 2021 and beyond.