The Hare, The Tortoise and The Power of Storytelling

Stories have been wielded as tools for teaching throughout most of human history. Whether it be the exploits of gods used to explain natural phenomena or the adventures of mischievous cats and daring princesses showing children right from wrong, tales of teaching have existed since stories were first told. Even now, centuries after the birth of myth and fairytale, stories are used every day even more versatile ways.

Are you making the most of Articulate 360 Rise ready-made content?

Articulate 360 Rise is a popular tool for creating eLearning courses. It is easy to use and can help you create high-quality courses quickly. But did you know that one of the best features of Rise is its ready-made content. This content includes templates, modules, and assets that you can use to create your own courses.

Managing conflict in a learning development team

Nipping tension in the bud! Developing learning experiences is a creative process that involves listening actively, working together as a team, and, ultimately, delivering a solution that matches project requirements. As with all collaborative processes, there might be points of conflict as each party strives to listen, understand,and deliver expectations. Managing conflict is not just … Read more