Managing conflict in a learning development team

Nipping tension in the bud! Developing learning experiences is a creative process that involves listening actively, working together as a team, and, ultimately, delivering a solution that matches project requirements. As with all collaborative processes, there might be points of conflict as each party strives to listen, understand, and deliver expectations. Managing conflict is not … Read more

How to launch a blended learning program on your LMS

As we know, different people learn differently. Some people thrive in collaborative environments where they work with their peers to solve challenges, while others prefer to explore a topic independently online. No matter how someone prefers to learn, it’s a good idea to provide content in a range of formats for different purposes.

Storyline vs Rise vs Both

Tips for weaving together Articulate Storyline and Rise Articulate boasts one of the most popular authoring tools on the market today, and here at Like-Minded both Storyline and Rise frequently deliver to our clients’ needs. As a developer, it has been fun experimenting with triggers, layer, settings, activities, block and publishing settings. Many users barely … Read more

Who’s helping you grow?

Many things are changing about the way we work in the wake of COVID-19. For some organisations, that has meant a rapid shift to developing training for online delivery, rather than the traditional face-to-face approach. It’s an exciting challenge but developing for online delivery requires different skills. If you’re the lone learning professional, or you … Read more