Blended learning for suicide prevention training

Emerge Aotearoa

A blended learning approach to suicide prevention training

Deepening understanding of suicide prevention

As part of Emerge Aotearoa’s offerings they have been providing an in-person workshop on suicide prevention to support well-being professionals when they are facing friends, colleagues and clients struggling with mental health issues. To improve the accessibility of the course and better prepare the participants for what can be a challenging workshop, they wanted to move to a blended learning approach. 

Articulate Rise delivered through Totara Learning Management System was the answer

For the first part of the learning experience, online content was developed to help the participants get to grips with some of the concepts around suicidal thoughts and tendencies before they attended the workshop. This would mean an easier start with participants feeling more comfortable earlier on, and would lead to a more efficient use of the workshop time.

Mixed delivery styles positively impact on the learning outcomes

Course participants could book online for the workshop using the face-to-face booking functionality in Totara Learning Management System (LMS). The in-person experience would allow them to extend their learning in a safe and supported environment, with a trained facilitator.

Then finally, as a follow-up to the workshop, participants were guided back online to check their understanding through a quiz and to provide feedback as a continual improvement mechanism.

The mixed approach, but all with a connection to the LMS, meant that Emerge Aotearoa were able to use the system to monitor engagement and track completions.

What this project meant to us at Like-Minded

It always gives us satisfaction to see a client stepping into new territory and making a success of it. We enjoyed supporting Emerge Aotearoa to achieve this first blended offering, and their first course using the Articulate Rise authoring tool.  

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