Sharing New Zealand knowledge on a global stage

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Sharing New Zealand knowledge on a global stage

Responding to a need in the global community

Following the spate of earthquakes in Canterbury starting in 2010 and the subsequent rebuild, it became apparent that the NZ Building Code did not provide adequate guidance for the design of isolated structures as regards to the engineering of seismic isolation systems.  An NZSEE study group was formed in 2014 to pool industry experts to discuss and develop a seismic isolation guideline.  NZSEE collaborated with the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment, SESOC, NZCS, EQC, and the University of Canterbury Quake Centre to develop the guideline, with a view to sharing New Zealand knowledge and experience, but also, marking another stamp on the world stage for us as seismic isolation experts.

Creating a Guideline with a consistent look and feel

Like-Minded were brought in by the University of Canterbury Quake Centre to provide project management expertise to develop the ‘Guideline for the Design of Seismic Isolation Systems for Buildings’.  We developed templates, kept the authors on track while acknowledging their busy schedules, facilitated the resolution of differences of opinion of the technical experts, and edited the document to ensure consistency and appropriate flow. We were also able to support the team in designing the document look and feel, in collaboration with another local Christchurch design company – Evolution Design.

Technically sound global document

The end result was a robust document written by technical experts which, though prepared by a number of people, appeared as though it had been written by a single source.  The guideline was groundbreaking in its content and is becoming a valuable resource for the global earthquake community.

You can view the Guidelines on the NZSEE website. Guideline for the Design of Seismic Isolation Systems for Buildings

At Like-Minded we believe in continual learning

We are experienced in managing projects on this scale and as is always the case, our biggest challenge on a project like this was co-ordinating the large number of people involved in the process.  Authors and co-authors were located throughout NZ, plus an international review panel ensured the Guideline was of a high quality and also delivered value outside of New Zealand. Everyone on the project was juggling busy schedules, even before adding the Guideline to their workload.  We were proud that our tried and tested processes, developed over a number of years, proved robust, still valid and helped to see the project through to completion.

“We are evolving a long-term partnership with Like-Minded and they have become an integral part of the learning delivery aspect of the Quake Centre business. Like-Minded are extremely easy to work with, are highly professional, and actually do what they say they are going to do! We have worked with them now on a range of initiatives from learning resources to complex, multi-party project management.”

Robert Finch, Director, UC Quake Centre

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