Sharing the learning from the Christchurch rebuild

SCIRT Learning Legacy

Sharing the learning from the Christchurch rebuild

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Following the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes, the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) was formed to manage the repair and replacement of Christchurch’s horizontal infrastructure, i.e., waterways, roads and bridges.  A few years into the programme, the SCIRT Learning Legacy project was initiated, to ensure the learnings from the programme were captured, documented, and disseminated.

Designing structure and creating order

Like-Minded was called on to bring project management expertise to the table to support the collaboration. There was a need to manage the array of material provided by a broad group of subject matter experts.

We worked together to develop a process for recording the stories and designing a user experience that made it easy for a wide-ranging audience to find relevant information. This was made possible by creating templates to support a consistent style of presentation and working in a shared workspace – a purpose-built SharePoint site.

Putting the audience at the centre of the design

Working with open source technology specialists, Catalyst, the information as organised in a way that meant they could apply their expertise to build a visually appealing, easily searchable public website to share the learning.

Audience analysis and the creation of ‘personas’ to reflect the target audience were key elements that informed the design of a user-centred web experience, which went live early 2017 at

What successful collaboration looks like

This project brought together several different organisations, each working in different ways and with different priorities and focus. However, the result was a cohesive, easily navigated website that benefits the international community around improved planning and implementation of disaster recovery. Like-Minded were proud to contribute to the project and show our commitment to collaborative work practices.

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