Effective use of tool improves newborn survival rates


Effective use of tool improves newborn survival rates

Hospital support staff use neonatal early warning system to monitor health

Monitoring the health of newborn babies in a hospital setting is a life-critical activity that involves complex technical processes and requires acute observational skills. ACC developed a tool to support staff in this vital role and wanted to get it operational as quickly as possible. However, they needed to be confident that staff understood the value of the tool and knew how to use it. In comes Like-Minded to develop the supporting training.

Real world scenarios deepen understanding for a varied audience

With the audience being geographically diverse with varied time constraints, online learning was the clearly the right choice in the team’s mind.  The module was developed working closely with the subject matter experts to tease out the key points and present them accurately in accessible, plain English. Despite the tight timeframe, the product included a relatively high level of interactivity, providing opportunities for learners to check their understanding by applying concepts to real-world scenarios.

Versatility enabled health boards to provide local access

Delivering the online module through ACC’s existing learning management system (Totara Learn) enabled consistent messaging, concurrent access for multiple learners, and easy monitoring of participation. The format ensured that other health boards, with potentially different LMS’s, could easily provide access to the information and add the course to their existing learning platform.

Why we love to come to work

At Like Minded we like to make a difference in the world and this project enabled us to provide health professionals with robust training on a potentially life-saving tool.  Although we had no-one with a clinical background in our team, we were able to capture the concept of what was required and resolve specific issues quickly and easily.

“Right from the first meeting and throughout the process, Like-Minded have gone out of their way to deliver a high-quality e-learning module.  Produced at very short notice, it will be available nationwide on all DHB learning platforms to provide learning for the maternity services.  An excellent team to work with and one we have no hesitation in recommending to others.”

The Neonatal Early Warning System (NEWS) Team

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