Delivering online fun to future farmers


Delivering online fun to future farmers

The Agri-Funday events that Ravensdown are involved in every year are normally run face-to-face, but COVID-19 restrictions saw an end to that. The only way to go was online. The brief was to make a fun, yet still challenging online experience, pitched for a young audience who still wanted the fun element that a day in the field would have given them.

We used Articulate Storyline to build two games for the Ravensdown’s Online Challenge, with calculated game scores and times that were fed back to both the students and to Ravensdown.

Bringing the fun into learning!

Two online challenges were created. The 13-17 year olds completed a crossword puzzle and the younger group of 8-12 year olds worked through a combination matching and quiz game. Both were developed in Articulate Storyline, but it was a far from average eLearning project.

The priority was to have fun and participate, above achieving a high score or fast time. Although, of course, there was always going to be an element of competition! Working together in teams, they completed the games, which built their confidence in their existing farming knowledge, as well as learning new information through the activities.

Ipad showing results data in a spreadsheet

Tracking the success

Ravensdown wanted to view the scores and times, and know how well each team did. Storyline’s javascript support did the trick, sending the data to Google Documents for them to easily access, review and analyse at their convenience. 

We strongly believe in helping our clients help themselves. This meant that we set up the system to deliver the data in real time, without Ravensdown having to depend on external resources to create reports.

Speaking the right language

The audience was younger than usual for us, so we adapted our tone and language as well as the visual design to meet their expectations. Finding our way to match brand, but tailor the visuals to suit different needs was a challenge we put to our designers.  They came up with relatable characters, a youthful palette and a colour scheme that supports Ravensdown’s style guidelines but still appeals to kids.

Pushing Storyline to its limits!

As an authoring tool, Articulate Storyline stands pride of place when you need to do ‘bigger and better’.  The less customisable resources, such Articulate Rise have their place to deliver quickly for a more simple experience. And for some, that’s enough. However, in this project, we enjoyed the challenge of the advanced interactivity and game-based methodology that fed our ‘creative streaks’, whether that was for the instructional designer or the learning developer. We are eager to do more projects with a similar brief, so that we can break out the games again!

“We had fun working with Like-Minded to create a digital solution for our hands-on challenges. The team was diligent and efficient, delivering what we requested in the first edit!”

Bronwen Rutland,
Events and Sponsorships Manager,

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