Skills development for an in-house eLearning team

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Skills development for an in-house eLearning team

When doing it yourself makes sense!

During the early stages of the pandemic in 2020, Like-Minded responded to Site Safe’s immediate need to get its health and safety training online. In the wake of that project, the Site Safe team realised the benefit of transferring more content into an online format. With a little more time available and a need to spend wisely, Site Safe decided there was a strong business case to upskill internal resources and manage its own eLearning development work. 

Like-Minded’s Learning Design Capability Training and Mentoring Programme was the perfect fit to provide a flexible programme that worked with the Site Safe staff’s broad range of existing skills.

Changing a group of individuals into a team

The staff already had a range of solid learning design skills, but we identified a way to extend them in both instructional design processes and the use of online tools. What they lacked was a structure and an agreed team approach to design, which Like-Minded was able to help them develop. 

We worked with the project lead, two instructional designers, one visual designer, and the LMS administrator to upskill them and help make the processes their own. The training and coaching resulted in a cohesive internal e-learning team who were able to collectively move forward the goals of the organisation while also following their own priorities and timings. 

Walking along a shared path

Having a common understanding about the steps that need to be taken and why each one is necessary is key to creating an effective, collaborative team. Like-Minded has years of experience, and we have brought together the best elements of a range of instructional design models into a sensible, easy-to-follow process. It’s delivered with a practical focus and presented in plain English, which was just the ticket for the Site Safe team to move to the next level in learning design!

Mix it up and be flexible

With a mix of face-to-face and online meetings, workshops, real practice, and a cycle of constructive feedback, it was relatively easy to fit in training around other commitments.

Working on real needs hammered the lessons home and meant that the training was applied quickly. Training in a group fostered peer-to-peer support and encouragement abounded. The training was tough but fun, and the value was realised by Safe Site immediately.

At Like-Minded we like to share!

Like-Minded was able to share years of experience by taking Site Safe through our streamlined but comprehensive capability training programme. It filled in the learning design knowledge gaps and equipped the Site Safe team to develop its own content. Our staff have years of experience and are experts in learning design and development. We enjoy the opportunity to impart not only the ‘how to’ but also the key tips and tricks, which save our clients time and frustration when doing it themselves.  

If you think you can benefit from this programme for your staff, please get in touch—we’d love to help. 

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