Focusing on sales capability in the heavy machine industry

Gough Group

Focusing on sales capability in the heavy machine industry

Gough Group (now known as Terra Industrial) implemented a new sales model called PAYBACK and needed support their sales reps and leaders to implement it. An online module seemed appropriate, but it needed do many things: educate new staff; be a ‘just in time’ refresher for existing team members and people leaders; and deliver coaching for the sales leaders. We delivered one course that met the first two needs, with an additional coaching module for the leaders.

As veterans of Articulate Storyline, we introduced them to the Articulate Rise 360 authoring tool. It gave them effective learning with a sharp and responsive visual design, while keeping the cost of development manageable.

Turning the passive into the engaging

The term PAYBACK is an acronym and so the model lent itself to being delivered in seven small chunks. The content came to us as prepared videos, but rather than expect the learners to passively watching long videos with no engagement activities, we opted to deliver microlearning for each letter of the acronym that incorporated the videos and reflective learning.

Finding things fast!

By targeting the seven elements, each as a separate microlearning unit, we were able to use the inbuilt features of Totara LMS to deliver a tile-based dashboard. Learners could choose sequential learning through each of the seven aspects of PAYBACK, or they could just dive back into an area of current interest with minimum clicks when they needed a reminder. 

A first foray into Articulate Rise 360

We chose to develop the course topics in Articulate Rise to take advantage of the clean and simple, but highly responsive features of Articulate Rise. This, and the fact that the content was delivered in bite-sized chunks, made it easy for learners to complete the course, whether they were on desktops, laptops, phones, or tablets.

Meshing the microlearning together

Microlearning is not new but some organisations are only just beginning to realise the advantages of deploying learning in bite-size chunks. This style suits most busy individuals, being able to jump in and out of training, but there still needs to be clarity in what has been complete these shorter time slots, and learners still need to be able to knit together the various topics and makes sense of it all.  

The use of Articulate Rise 360, together with the clever use of the dashboard feature of Totara LMS was the heart of the success of this module for the team at the Gough Group. 

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