A new destination for staff learning and development


A new destination for staff learning and development

What's good for the clients, also works for the staff

Careerforce were already successfully running a Totara Learning Management System (LMS) for their external trainees. They identified the need for a similar system to deliver and manage internal staff training and performance.   

Maximising the functionality of Totara

Rather than implement separate LMS and HR management systems, we used the functionality of Totara to integrate performance management, with learning and development.

Content was added to the LMS, individual and group learning and development plans were aligned with organisational goals, and appraisal reviews were linked to training needs.

A one stop shop for learning and tracking

The single site enabled staff to access online and blended training resources, including curated content from external libraries, and personalised learner experiences by role. Digital badges provided an incentive for staff to engage with the material and encouraged them to complete their training modules. Performance management was linked with learning goals and training completion. 

The Totara LMS was set up for robust reporting through a single system, thanks to all of the information being in the one place. Targeted reports for learners, managers and senior staff meant easy tracking of outstanding and completed training.   

Simplification helps with implementation

It is important for Like-Minded to provide the most appropriate solution for our clients. We aim to deliver to their needs, but not over-engineer a solution for the sake of a sale.

Robust conversations with key staff at Careerforce clarified the core requirements and together, we confirmed that Totara functionality was the right solution. It delivered the desired outcomes but also gave good value for money and attractive cost benefits.

“Like-Minded are now an integral part of our eLearning strategy. Our relationship with them has grown as a direct result of their ability to deliver and the trust that we have in them to work in true partnership. I highly recommend them.”

Ian Moir, Manager Digital Capability and Systems, Careerforce

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