Putting the customer in vehicle sales and servicing


Putting the customer first in vehicle sales and servicing

Customers always come first!

Toyota is a company built on a strong family heritage and people-oriented culture. This is why each member of staff at the many Toyota dealership franchises learns how to ensure that the customer comes first in all the interactions when it comes to selling and servicing cars.  The original online course that explained the Toyota approach to customer service, the Customer First Service Cycle, needed modernising to present the content in an engaging way that provided easy access to learning about key concepts.

Real-life scenarios and cartoons provided context

We developed the up-to-date online module using a variety of interactive experiences, including a high-level of supporting graphics in the form of cartoon style scenarios, videos, and animation. Following Jess, their customer service representative, through the learning helped demonstrate the concepts in a real-life situation they could relate to.

Shaking up the navigation style

With a road layout as a visual navigation map, the resulting course looked fresh and sharp, yet still presented the information in a progressive and easy to understand format. 

Always challenging ourselves to try new things!

We rose to the challenge of a large volume of process-oriented information by exploring creative ways of delivering the key messages. 

It was our first full use of a cartoon strip with a client and proved to be an effective way to ‘chunk’ the information to make it easy for the learner to digest. This approach worked well for them once we were clear about their vision for what ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ meant to them, for this new course.

“The team at Like-Minded were always available, professional and pleasant to deal with. Our values aligned well which ensured a collaborative approach to the project. Cathy excelled at coordinating the myriad of moving parts and was transparent with timeline pressures, budget impacts from new design ideas, and ensuring we were well informed about all scenarios and implications before decisions were made.”

Vito Ikenasio, Team Leader – Learning & Development

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