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Dorenda Britten is a thinker and educator in the field of design, who has been leading face-to-face courses for decades. She believes that Aotearoa should be a hub of world-leading design, and is working to make it so.

We worked with her to design an online course that could share her experience with a much wider audience, and bring a unique education experience to the world.  

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Meet Dorenda Britten!

Dorenda is truly a thinker before her time. She teaches the principles of design thinking and application to individuals and organisations. Her courses help with sustainable innovation and cognitive diversity. Dorenda also mentors, speaks, consults, and provides governance.  

The only problem is, all these things require Dorenda to be physically present and available, and the people she’s working with to also be available at the same time. By taking her services into the world of online learning, she can now reach more people than ever before, whenever it suits them. 

Designing Solutions – an introduction to sustainable innovation 

Dorenda Britten’s first online course is an introduction to her process for design thinking. It’s purpose is to make people think about how they can start to introduce a design thinking approach into their corporate environment, and why it will make a difference for them. 

Users work through her tried and tested model and come away with new insights and steps they can take to start making changes. 

Working with talent

This was a true collaboration between Dorenda and Like-Minded. Dorenda supplied the source material for the course, which gave us a great base to work from, and we built an intuitive online learning experience that fits the prestige of her current offerings. 

We also designed characters and scenarios to illustrate the modules and to help learners engage with the material. High-quality, detailed illustrations used personas to help learners understand how design thinking affects the real people at the coal face. 

What’s in a name

It’s always great to work with someone who brings their own reputation to a project. It was an honour to work alongside Dorenda Britten and gain a sneak peek into her views on design thinking, learning from her in-person experiences, and successfully translating them into an online learning experience we are all proud of.

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