Better onboarding for health care providers

South Island Alliance Programme Office (SIAPO)

Better onboarding for health care providers

Starting strong and feeling supported

SIAPO’s large child development services team provide services to families all over Te Waipounamu, the South Island of New Zealand. We worked collaboratively with their team to create an online onboarding experience using Articulate Rise, including a number of Articulate Storyline blocks within the topics. 

Interactive online learning ensures that each new team member gets the right training, at the right time. It gives them the strongest start in their new position and they can feel empowered from day one. The more confident learners are, the better they can serve the families they support.

Keeping the focus on families

Every family is different and it is important to the South Island Alliance that learners can tailor their approach to each individual situation that crops up. Being adaptable is a key skill in supporting families of young children with developmental delays, disabilities or autism. 

The content was presented as a journey, following all the challenges and barriers a parent or caregiver, and child may face in getting the care they need in our health system. The modules made good use of character scenarios to demonstrate difficult or potentially unsafe situations to learners. The learner can put themselves in the family’s shoes, as well as reflect on their own cultural awareness and sensitivity to internal bias.

Better results through interactive learning

Embedding a few interactives built in Articulate Storyline allowed us more freedom in the design. Varying the way information was displayed, brought some of the tougher content to life for the learners. We were able to create a more engaging experiences and it was easier to deal with the more complex content. The  interactives made the learning more interesting and fun, and it will help the information stick with them for the long haul.

Using resources effectively

The modules draw on the core principles of occupational therapy — that people learn, develop, and grow from doing the things they value, as fully as they want to and are able to. Each module begins with a whakataukī (Māori proverb), which serves as a learning opportunity in itself, and is part of the cultural awareness component to the onboarding. 

It’s not always about starting from the ground up; this course made great use of pre-existing resources. The module included video content from the Ministry of Health, that helped create a rich learning environment without reinventing the wheel. There is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution for equitable health care, and SIAPO’s custom programme of learning follows a similar philosophy, with each topics given special consideration, keeping people at the heart of all of learning decisions.

Supporting those who support our communities in need

The South Island Alliance makes a real difference in the community, touching the lives of vulnerable people who require some assistance to find the best quality of life. Working with a team like this reflects our own core values. We firmly believe we should use our work to make a difference in the community.

And of course, designing character scenarios is always fun for our team and feeds our creativity. What we also know from our experience is how scenarios add real value to the content and relevance to the learner’s own situation.

“It was an enjoyable experience working with the Like-Minded team who confidently and effectively produced a quality product on time.”

Richard McKinlay
Regional Programme Facilitator – Allied Health, Scientific and Technical 
South Island Workforce Development Hub (SIWDH)

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