Supercharging LMS functionality and visuals

Emerge Aotearoa

Supercharging LMS functionality and visuals

Time to level up

Having started our Totora Partner relationship some years ago, we worked alongside them to take them to a new space in their learning design and deployment. Emerge Aotearoa has been using Totara learning management system for some years now, enjoying all the existing functionality, but we challenged them to think how it could perform even better for them. So, that’s what Emerge Aotearoa did. 

The team came to us with their wish list and pain points, and we knew we could give them everything they needed working with Totara’s latest feature set. Upgrading the functionality of their LMS means that it now works harder for them. Plus, while we were in there making functional changes, we gave the project a visual refresh.  

Confidently upskilling the health sector workforce

Emerge Aotearoa provides a wide range of health and social services. The organisation needs robust and up-to-date training to ensure its caregivers are skilled. It was a huge administrative mission to identify which of the kaimahi had completed the required training and seeing what optional training they had used to add to their skills base. The existing system for induction, assessments, and certifications was admin-heavy and did not scale as Emerge Aotearoa grew.  

In the new system, each kaimahi role is defined and associated with specific required training. This means that new staff are assigned to ‘audiences’, and each audience has required courses assigned to it. It’s easy for management to get an overview of staff training accomplishments, and assign training to fill any gaps. This has significantly reduced the workload of top-level management, and allowed team leaders and managers to step up and share responsibility. Management now has more time to provide support without being bogged down by repetitive requests.  

More engagement through better visuals

Over the past few years, Emerge Aotearoa’s branding has changed, so this functional upgrade gave us an opportunity to bring the visual interface up to date with current branding. The fresh look was also a visual cue to staff and managers that this was no longer the LMS of yesteryear. They responded to the changes by jumping on board and exploring the user-friendly system, and little management was necessary to hook them in. The updated look and feel gives staff confidence that useful new functionality is in place.

Taking time, to ultimately save time

Once the technical aspects of the upgrade were complete, we worked with Emerge Aotearoa’s administrators, training them to manage their own quick and easy fixes for those times when things don’t go as planned. The feedback tells us that they are enjoying the time savings, and team leaders and managers are making use of the insights their upgraded LMS offers. Like-Minded is still on hand to provide support as necessary.  

Tapping into the latest technology

In today’s world, technology changes fast. Our clients deserve the benefit of that speed, but don’t always have the opportunity to stay informed. We hope our partnership with Emerge Aotearoa grows and builds as each new feature or technical advance provides opportunities for us to help them realise time and cost savings. Totara’s feature set is rich and we live out our responsibility as a Totara Partner to provide support and mentorship on how best to maximise their LMS investment.

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