Online learning, real change on real worksites

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Online learning, real change on real worksites

Waste, sediment and runoff from construction and worksites is a big environmental problem. Chemicals, metals, plastics, concrete, and even unwanted dirt can be devastating to the natural environment, especially waterways and the sea where stormwater is discharged. 

The great thing is that everyone on a worksite has the power to make a difference. We worked with Site Safe to create an education programme that empowers everyone, from labour hand to boss, to take responsibility for keeping a site clean and tidy to protect our environment. 

Promoting good practice through collaboration

We have been working with Site Safe since 2020, and we were excited when the organisation asked us to work with Auckland Council on a new project.  The three organisations worked closely together to bring together best practice online learning with best practice on constructions sites. 

Using interactive modules created using Articulate Rise, with embedded Articulate Storyline activities, the programme teaches tradies why it’s important to control waste, sediment and runoff, how to spot potential contamination issues. Most importantly, it demonstrates what good practice looks like.

Asking the experts

Development for this course was completed entirely online, without travelling for any in-person meetings. This allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint and costs, while collaborating with Site Safe and Auckland Council from our office in Christchurch. It was a complex process that required regular discussions with subject matter experts from both organisations to make sure the information is accurate, informative and useful. We then applied our own Like-Minded expertise to develop visual and interesting online learning modules. 

Taking responsibility for sites

It’s not good enough to just tell people what the problems are around waste, erosion and sedimentation, or even how to prevent it. The purpose of this exercise was to empower people to take responsibility without waiting for someone else to tell them to do it. Anyone working on a site should feel confident to flag bad practices and potential issues. 

Using modules that are accessible, easy and fun to use on any device, Site Safe and Auckland Council now educate and inform more tradies in less time, with better results. 

Opening new doors with online collaboration

This was the largest project that we had carried out completely online. Because it was such a great success, we can confidently work with more remote clients in other Aotearoa locations or even overseas, knowing that we can deliver to our usual excellent standard while collaborating via email and videoconference. 

It was also great to work with a client that has captured a great bank of real-life photography, meaning we didn’t have to rely on stock images to bring the learning to life.  

“Auckland Council and Site Safe collaborated on an environmental site management course. The Like-Minded team walked us through the process, and helped to transfer technical ideas into simple, clear content for our learners.”

Anna Halliwell
Healthy Waters Specialist,
Healthy Waters, Infrastructure and Environmental Services

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